Frequently Asked Question

Easepal Automotive FAQ

Will your seat cover fit my car?

Our seat cover is universal fit for most of car in the market, if you want custom fit size, pls check with our sales team.

Is your seat cover compatible for the side airbag?

Sorry that our seat cover do not support the Airbag openings.

How to clean my seat cover?

Machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Drip dry only.

Do you have storage bag for the car cover?

Yes, we offer free storage bag, Cable and lock is also available per your request.

Which size car cover is fit for my Cars?

Kindly to check with our fitting chart to find correct size for your lovely cars.

Easepal Outdoor Camping FAQ

Could you send us a sample before I place a big order?

Yes, we can. Our sample policy is that we charge two times of sample fees at first and deduct them from your following order. With freight collected.

What is your common material for RV cover?

Our common material includes: 95g polypropylene(good level),160g SFS on top 95g non-woven around side(better level),aluminum foil on top 95g around side(best),300D polyester(premier).

What is your delivery time for big order and sample?

1 week for sample delivery; 40-45 days for big order delivery,

Can we add our own logo and pattern?

Yes, we can customize with clients' logo and pattern as long as the order quantity meets our requirement.

Easepal Marine FAQ

Will your boat seats work with all seat pedestals and swivels?

Our boat seat will work with most seat pedestals and swivels.

What's the difference between Custom Fit Covers, Semi-Custom Fit Covers, Universal Covers?

a.Custom fit cover is a cover that is designed for an exact make, model, and year of a boat. Custom boat cover fits a specific boat, providing a clean, snug fit.

b.Semi-custom boat covers are designed to fit particular boat styles (i.e. fishing boats, tri-hull boats, etc.) covering a wide range of sizes rather than for an exact make or model of    the boat. They are designed to provide affordable protection, though not necessarily a perfect fit.

c.Universal covers are just that:  They will fit just about any boat, depending on size, and could be compared to a basic tarp.

What are bimini boots?

Bimini boots are storage covers for the top when it is not in use. These zippered boots keep the top clean, dry and neat. Available for all top colors.

Can I travel with my bimini top up?

When traveling on water, the bimini top can withstand slow "cruising" speeds. High speed travel is not recommended when the top is up. When towing on highways, the bimini top must be in the stored position and use of a boot is recommended.